Split your panoramic photos and post them to Instagram

Split Panoramas for Instagram.

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I just want to say how humbled I am, to officially put this app out into the public. It's been a hard fought year into production, as a passion project to a side-project, to now a reality. While traveling and freelancing, I've always taken photos that were taken with my iPhone using the Panorama feature on my camera but was never able to post them anywhere, until I decided to split them up and post them across on my Instagram account, and that's how Panols was born. To the many thanks from friends who helped me get this app up and running, this is for you, and for the (hopefully) many people who will use it to post up on their Instagram accounts!
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@juanarreguin Any plans to include the 6 or 9 picture layout for instagram?
@brucekraftjr Maybe in the future... problem with that is the quality of those images will decrease significantly if you don't have a high enough resolution image to start with. 😕
@juanarreguin well I'm assuming a 12 photo isn't good enough? Since that's what majority or phones use today... How about a 30mp photo? Or a 20mp? I'd pay like 0.99$ for that ability and have your app be my one stop shop for all Instagram picture splitting layouts
@brucekraftjr not saying there isn't already plans to do that, but it would be like you said a "premium" feature.
@juanarreguin very cool! Add a built in editor and this is gold.
Awesome Instagram tool from my friend @juanarreguin - makes it easy to post beautiful panoramic photos that look right at home on your Instagram profile. I'm surprised nobody made it before, but this thing is damn perfect.
@ow Woot, woot, it's finally out in the wild. People get to finally play with it! 🎉
@juanarreguin @ow any promo code for early upvoters maybe? :p
Awesome way to customize your Instagram feed. I can see marketers using this to have a high-level of control of their Instagrams too to create mega headers for their Instagram profiles with ease.
@aub Yeah man, there's no limits to this one. Hopefully we can provide some features later for those brands as well!
Congrats on the launch, this is awesome!
@lorenbaxter thanks so much man — Likewise to you guys! Can't wait to use the new app!
Always so impressed by Juan's panoramic photos, especially how seamless they look on IG profiles. Great work and congrats on the launch!
@art_chang Thanks for those kinds words man, and it is no surprise that I use Priime to make this posts available. Likewise on the killer update with Priime as well!