A panoramic notebook for your desk.

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I got to see @tomgerhardt demo this last week. There's a few things that stand out: 1. This is the first notebook I've seen that's been designed to use alongside a keyboard (either in landscape below your keyboard, or in portrait beside it). 2. The materials and details are exceptional. This is exactly the quality you'd expect from Studio Neat.
Dan here from Studio Neat to answer any questions!
@danprovost some people might think "making a notebook must be easy." What kind of challenges did you encounter on this project?
@mijustin Hoy boy, that's what we thought too before we started. The biggest challenge was been squaring our desire for really nice materials with keeping it affordable. We thought the design we came up with was straightforward in terms of production, but it requires some processes that are challenging for some printers. When we got the very first quote back from a printer our jaws were on the floor, it was about 4x as expensive as we were expecting. It took a long time to find a combination of processes and materials that met our standards and didn't break the bank.
@danprovost it's interesting. I've heard a few folks saying: "Why is this project getting so much hype? It's just a notebook!" To me, the market for this is the same market as folks who buy from Field Notes or Baron Fig. Some folks want a super high-quality notepad (nice paper, well designed grid, thoughtful details). Other folks don't care as much about that stuff. This conversation between @kevinrose and @joerogan is a good illustration of the divide. 😉
Can't wait to have this on my desk!
First thing I've ever backed! Pretty excited!
Wow, this looks pretty good. Love the focus on storyboarding and comic / game level layouts :)