Tinder for game discovery

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Really like this idea. It's extremely difficult to discover new games unless they get featured by Apple
Really nice concept. I always feel I lose on coming across new games when browsing the apple store. This model also helps game developers to acquire new users. It could like the Product Hunt for app games!
Pangamea is for visual game discovery of Android and iOS games. You can find new games by looking at 5-second clips of real gameplay. Swipe right on games that you like and left on games that look boring (you know how that works). You can also make a stash of interesting games. I'll be happy to answer any questions.
Very good idea. My only concern would be apple bouncing it for behaving like an app store.
@golocalapps That's exactly what happened :) We had to make a web app for iOS. It still "installs" to the homescreen and works almost like a native app, but we really wish we can distribute it through the app store at some point.
ah ok. I didn't install, I only looked at the landing page. Did you try and get it through? What was their reason for rejecting it if you did?
@golocalapps Yes, we tried. Apple has a guideline against anything that could be "confused" with the app store. It's their business, but I think they should let developers innovate more with game/app discovery alternatives.