Paneau Gift Cards

A free gift card platform for small businesses

Paneau has built a complete gift card and payment processing platform for businesses. A shareable page lets customers purchase gift cards and save them to their Apple wallet. POS agnostic redemption. 100% free. 0% transactions through COVID-19 shutdowns.
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Hello 👋 Product Hunt! We are Nader and Alec, founders of Paneau! Paneau Gift Cards is a complete gift card platform. Businesses can easily sell and redeem gift cards that integrate directly into customers' Apple wallets. It's POS agnostic and touchless 😷 We started Paneau to highlight and empower local businesses. During shelter in place many of our friends/early customers were struggling and we wanted to help by purchasing giftcards from their businesses. We soon realized that not many had systems in place to facilitate giftcard transactions easily. Purchasing gift cards is a popular way for customers to get cash to businesses, however, many small businesses don’t have the infrastructure in place for people to purchase gift cards online. For example, only 5,000 of the 15,0000 local businesses listed on have ways for customers to get a gift card. That hole-in-the-wall spot you love probably doesn't have a way for you to buy a gift card. So we built an end-to-end gift card and payment processing platform. It takes <10 minutes for businesses to set up and it integrates with the customer's Apple wallet so you're never stuck fishing for a voucher from your inbox at the register. We hope people find it useful. The platform is free and we're waiving transaction fees through the COVID-19 shutdown. We'd love if you could share this with your favorite bar/cafe/restaurant/local business. We'd love to hear your thoughts or comments, drop us an email at
100 percent free gift cards during COVID is really a game changer for small business. What you're doing is giving small businesses a 0% loan so that they can survive in this turbulent time without concurring the 3 percent transaction fee is huge.
@akramak exactly! We're excited to get this out there and hope it's useful.
@akramak I've been looking for something like this for my dad's restaurant. Thanks so much!
@akramak @jasmine_sanchez that’s awesome! I’d love to help your Dad get set up! Message me at
Nice! Way to help local businesses generate some much-needed extra revenue during this time 👌🏾
Love the product and vision, supporting local businesses during this tough time!
Paneau continues to find innovative way to help the communities local businesses by giving them a fighting hand in a technology driven future. Even in the midst of a pandemic they find creative ways to empower small business; A truly unique and revolutionary company!