Pandora Thumbprint Radio

A hyper-personalized station based on the songs you've liked

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Funny to see this launch today after Pandora's co-creator and former CTO, @tconrad, tweeted this last week: I agree. Spotify Discover Weekly is really good. I'm listening now. ๐Ÿ”ฅ P.S. What are your favorite music discovery services? I spent a few hours this morning listening and collecting my favorite artists of 2015.
I'm a bit confused by this, aren't all of Pandora's stations suppose to be personalized? Are they saying, they weren't very good at that? I haven't used Pandora in a while so not that familiar with their product anymore.
Pandora takes on Spotify's Discover Weekly with its new hyper-personalized station, Thumbprint Radio. I'm hooked to Spotify's Discover Weekly, mostly because it refreshes every Monday and its music suggestions are spot on. I can't see my Thumbprint Radio station since I don't use Pandora enough. Can anyone see theirs?
@jackdwecki likely it is a slow rollout. Nothing for me yet.
Really love Spotify's Discover Weekly as well. However, there seems to be a hole that Pandora can still fill which is having a better algorithm for music discovery. The Music Genome Project owned by Pandora still has a lot of untapped potential. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning that could be where Pandora can differentiate over Spotify.