Pandora Premium

The return of Rdio, by Pandora

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Mário Rui André
Mário Rui André@mruiandre · Co-Fundador do Shifter
Will it be finally available globally?
@mruiandre I really hope so, too. Looks promising to me. Could see myself change from Apple Music to this.
Felipe Ricelle
Felipe Ricelle@philricelle · Product Manager
Really love that they kept the most part of Rdio interface! Hope that's available in more countries when they launch
Justin Gough
Justin Gough@justingough
Long live Rdio!
Adam DePasqua
Adam DePasqua@adamdepasqua · Founder of To Eat List
I love this very familiar UI. Though, I'm pretty much married to Apple Music (because its built into most of my devices and the exclusives). This is so great to me. Glad to see the service that got me to start streaming live on.
Jason Diaz
Jason Diaz@jxslepton · Freelance Visual Artist
Is this a new feature? I just recently cancelled my premium pandora due to the false advertisement of "unlimited" skips.