Convert your Pandora 'likes' into Spotify playlists

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Pandify is a tool for creating a Spotify playlist from your favorite tracks.

It was created by Brian Ustas.




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Ross O'DonovanHunter@rossodono · Co-Founder, &
I find this very useful. Pandora is great for finding new music and Spotify is awesome for listening on demand............that's were Pandify comes in handy
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@rossodono And another unitasking post-it note at my desk meets its brutal end. Godspeed.
Juan J. Ramirez@whoisjuan · Product Manager + UX Designer
There's also Sazhimi, which let's you export tags from Shazam to Spotify:
Maxim Melnikov@bbsody · Designer, Semibold Mammoth
@whoisjuan Shazam provides this feature out of the box.
Juan J. Ramirez@whoisjuan · Product Manager + UX Designer
@bbsody @whoisjuan That feature in Shazam is pretty much broken..Doesn't work that well.
Maxim Melnikov@bbsody · Designer, Semibold Mammoth
@whoisjuan unfortunately, you're right. Shazam doesn't update their playlist:-(
Neil Baptista@elspectre · CEO
I think my head just exploded. That is a broken part of my music listening/discovery feedback loop . Thank you. Could you do the same for Bookmarked tracks on Pandora? I used that feature extensively, even though they have now made it less important on the mobile interface.
Ross O'DonovanHunter@rossodono · Co-Founder, &
@elspectre Totally agree Neil. I find spotify is pretty weak for finding new music with their radio channels, Pandora is a lot better. Maybe Pandify could offer a paid service where your account is synced so they both update instantly when songs are liked?
Sam Christie@samchristie · Social Media Manager
This rules! Now if only Spotify would get rid of the cap on saving songs to your library! 😖