Convert your Pandora 'likes' into Spotify playlists

Pandify is a tool for creating a Spotify playlist from your favorite tracks.

It was created by Brian Ustas.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I find this very useful. Pandora is great for finding new music and Spotify is awesome for listening on demand............that's were Pandify comes in handy
@rossodono And another unitasking post-it note at my desk meets its brutal end. Godspeed.
There's also Sazhimi, which let's you export tags from Shazam to Spotify:
@whoisjuan Shazam provides this feature out of the box.
@bbsody @whoisjuan That feature in Shazam is pretty much broken..Doesn't work that well.
@whoisjuan unfortunately, you're right. Shazam doesn't update their playlist:-(
I think my head just exploded. That is a broken part of my music listening/discovery feedback loop . Thank you. Could you do the same for Bookmarked tracks on Pandora? I used that feature extensively, even though they have now made it less important on the mobile interface.
@elspectre Totally agree Neil. I find spotify is pretty weak for finding new music with their radio channels, Pandora is a lot better. Maybe Pandify could offer a paid service where your account is synced so they both update instantly when songs are liked?
This rules! Now if only Spotify would get rid of the cap on saving songs to your library! 😖