Write, format, analyze and export your writing.

Take notes and easily format them with Pandaroo, share or export your text in HTML or PDF. The analysis tool counts the words, flags the key words and builds a summary of your text.

Hey @kirill_simagin, Can you tell us more about wha your product does and what made you want to build it?
Hi @jacqvon, thanks for contacting us. Pandaroo is a markdown text treatment app that allows you to take notes, format them using markdown, analyse de text via powerfull machine learning tool, and finally export the text in the most popular formats : PDF and HTML. Perfect for sharing text or posting it directly on your blog for example. As for the "why", my goal was to popularize the markdown format, which is mostly used by geeks like me or developers. Also, the only existing apps are either to be paid for, or offer in app purchases for quite basic features. I wanted to offer a free solution to use markdown for text edit :)