Breed pandas on the blockchain and save real life ones 🐼

PandaEarth is a social simulation APP built on ERC-721 protocol. In this virtual world, players will be able to get pandas from marketplace, breed pandas or ERC-721 assets exchange, which is authorized by China Conservation and Research Research Center for Giant Panda.

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  • Pros: 

    Amaging graphics, fundaments are in place


    No update for a while, when ETH tanked the development stopped.

    It's such a shamefull practice that a promising game, with stunnign graphics and a nice idea behind it was left for dead by the developpers. They seem to think it;s normal to just leave and let the few people that still owe panda's suffer.

    The community feels greatly mis-lead and is frustrated that a once pretty cool project is stopped without any notification or communication.

    Into Crypto - TRX/LINDA has used this product for one year.
  • Yue Ying Ch'en
    Yue Ying Ch'ensocial media manager

    not bad


    I wanted more

    I downloaded it and I expected much more fun from it, But it got boring after a day or so.

    Yue Ying Ch'en has used this product for one day.
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Hou Maggie
Hou MaggieMaker@maggie519 · Operation Manager, PandaEarth
Cute Pandas with great funny functions.
Acterce@acterce_zenn · Acterce
Funny panda game!
So interesting blockchain game, I already have many cute pandas, Come playing with me!
GnCtv@gamezncryptoz · GnCtv GamezNCryptoz Show
This has so much potential as these games take off. Early Adoption is recommended as this game will get crowded. Nice GUI and great real life connection to Panda Conservation I hope to stream many hours of Panda Play on GnCtv/ Looking forward to an amazing summer!