One click color generator with real time preview

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 05, 2017

Pandacolors is a one click color generator with real time preview

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Hello, Product Hunt! We are so proud of launching our first tool for everyone who works with colors (not only designers). We started Pandacolors because we know that graphic designers are not the only ones who have to think about choosing the right colors. Everybody sometimes needs inspiration or just do not have the talent to create a nice combination of colors, but if he/she sees the color options in front of him, choosing a color might be as easy as snapping your fingers. That is exactly why we made Pandacolors. Pandacolors is simple online web tool for generating colors in one single click. Seeing the colors on templates real-time, you do not have to copy and paste hex codes to your graphic or code editors before you have decided that you want it! With Pandacolors, you can skip these tedious steps. Not just generating! - You can generate colors until the world will end :) - you can save privately your favorite color schemes and keep it for next project. - Send link with beautiful colors to your colleagues and begin discusion. - That is not everything what we want to implement, we have many more ideas but this is not tool only for us, we are happy to have all your feedbacks to improve Pandacolors. Thanks for taking your time with us and we look forward to having feedback from you guys for our very first project! Hello from Pandacolors, your friends Patrik and Tuan
The design is very pleasing
very intuitive design 👏
@_gokatz We love to hear that ;)

I feel most color palettes usually include 5 colors, it's good to have a 3 or 4 color palette but I'd like to be able to select the number of colors here


Great use of templates, simple and intuitive UI


No 5 color palettes

Love the great use of templates! Makes it much easier to visualise the colors as part of the design
Glad to hear that, @joshuajomiller! This is exactly why we made it