Panda Message - Open Messaging Client

Email lookups, LinkedIn, SMS, GCal, Sendgrid/PGP integration

Panda is external Slack: Integrate LinkedIn, Calendar & Zoom for lightning fast, secure messaging
• Rapportive lookups
• Faster than email
• More professional than text
• No download required for recipient
• Military Grade Encryption
• Password-locked messages
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hey all! When I was 16 I launched a messaging app called Black SMS that reached the top 10 social networking apps in the App Store. It encrypts individual iMessage to protect them locally. Since then, I've studied encryption at Stanford and dropped out to work on this new product, Panda. It uses upgraded technology from Black SMS, but is multi-platform and has way more features like calendar, zoom, voice integrations. Panda is really fast and servers as a professional messenger - think an email replacement that feels much more like slack, but you can use it with people outside your team easily and at scale (unlike guest channels). Panda does not require a download for users receiving messages. Nor do they have to make an account: Through Panda you can DM any person with either their phone or email. Since LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Rapportive extensions have both shut down, Panda also lets you confirm email addresses and find Linkedin accounts through Panda as well. Super excited to get your comments. We work fast so expect version two in less than a week with your comments integrated in :) P.S: There's a bug on Android for creating conversations, we already fixed it but Google Play is taking longer than usual to approve updates due to COVID19. Please be patient :) We also have an upcoming design and calendar integration update for iOS.
Fantastic app - highly recommend!
@_jayhack_ could not agree more!
Panda makes it easy to interface with clients that I do not want to join my slack (or create a shared channel).
@phillip_hbh I use it for the same thing!
Highly recommended!
Have been excited about this for a long time coming! Excited to see it out there!