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#4 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2015


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William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
We wanted to create a simple job board to help companies and talent connect. We hope you like it. You can read more here @bentossell - just asked me, why another job board? Answer here
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
so, I have to ask... why another job board? There are so many in the tech space atm, why another one?
Erdem Alpay@erdemalpay
@bentossell has several different aspects from most of the job boards such as - focusing on perks - being integrated to active used tool by community (panda) which enables direct contact with community - providing well metrics for measuring job posts So we believe that is different from most of the classic job boards and that recruiters might be interested more for a person who is using Panda since they are always keeping themselves up to date with industry news.
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@bentossell Yup! Agreed. Did a quick screencast to answer your question But in summary, we wanted to design something we as product folks would use. Something simple and well designed (we hope). Also, it complements the community.
Yannick SocolovMaker@yannimoto · Wonderman
@bentossell also, tbh, I haven't seen many simple, fast and clutter free job boards (that also look like 21st century) out there ;)
Danilo S. Carlucci@daniloscarlucci · Co-founder @Amazers
Well designed indeed - good job guys!
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@daniloscarlucci Thanks Danilo!
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
Andrzej Stawarz@astawarz ·
Good job, good luck :)
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@astawarz Thanks a lot :)
Adam Qureshi@adamqureshi · Qureshi MEDIA
I need an open source version of this for the home automation industry. You guys have an API i could use?
David BozinMaker@davidbozin · STARTUP Growth | BD | Op's
@adamqureshi: We would be more than happy to discuss how this could work out. Ping me via: david [at]