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One of our goals at Panda: Dating is to make you feel like you've already gone on a date with someone when you match. Today, we're launching our "Adventure Profiles" feature to get a step closer to that (and add a little magic to your lives ✨) Like before, you'll still shoot a 30-second video answering 3 icebreakers, but now we'll turn that video into a choose-your-adventure style micro-date. Every part of the dating app experience should be fun, and that includes the profile! Get the app and make yours today: http://getpanda.co/download.
I like that this app is more personal and expressive than any other dating apps I have tried. As someone who does not trust technology, I enjoy the genuineness of the interactions I am able to have with others, which makes it more fun and funny. I have a very positive outlook for this app. It is a genius idea, and something I am sincerely looking forward to!