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Hey Product Hunt, I'm Paari and for the past couple of years, I've been working at places like Amazon, Uber, and Palantir. A month ago, I decided I wanted to take that knowledge and apply it to something I've always really cared about, online dating, and so I built Panda. Panda is a dating app that uses video to make the experience more fun and authentic. The app makes it easy to shoot your video by asking you 3 questions in a lighting-round format. I've been told that recording your profile is as fun as watching others' ๐Ÿ˜Š It's early days so I'm always improving and would love your feedback. Have a good day and happy hunting โœŒ๐Ÿพ
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Hi Paari, love the video and the authenticity of the app! A lot of big dating apps have been slow to move in this direction. In the future, will there be moderation around the video? (to filter questionable content, personal contact info, etc.)
@rohit_tigga Great question about moderation, it's one that a lot of people are rightly concerned with. Right now, we rely on the community to make use of the report and block feature present in all videos and chats to notify us of objectionable content. Safety is an existential value of any dating app and there are some processes I'd like to borrow from my time working on content moderation at Amazon such as automated video review using Mechanical Turk and computer vision techniques.
@paarikan how are you approaching growth for Panda? Cheers from The Product Group.
@arijanover Great question that deserves a much lengthier answer, but I'll try to keep it brief for now. My main focus is on younger users (still 18+ obviously) so our first big launch efforts are going to be around Welcome Week events for NYC colleges when they start back up in Fall. For digital outreach, I've seen the best metrics with Snapchat as opposed to Facebook or Twitter. Snapchat is a totally different beast though that requires a much more human connection with the people you're talking to (this is said a lot but is the most important thing).
I didn't try recording videos yet (I'm at the event!) but are you planning to align the video dynamics to those Snapchat users expect? Adding content, decorating, etc. I'm trying to think about how would I embed the growth strategy withing the product experience.
@arijanover Hey Ari, we got the chance to chat about this in person but I thought I'd share some thoughts for everyone else ๐Ÿ˜Š The original idea was to emulate Snapchat as much as possible: free-form videos with cool effects and filters. As I tested the product with users, I learned that people have a much more difficult time recording video to show to strangers than they do to show to their friends. My first solution to this is the ice-breakers/prompts format. People seem to be enjoying these so I'll be rolling out a feature to share these videos on Snapchat, Facebook, etc very soon.