An original take on retro photography

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Hi, I'm so glad to introduce Panchromatic to the ProductHunt community! This app is built upon the idea of slowing down mobile photography. Instead of taking quick snapshots anytime and anywhere, you will have to give your pictures more thought. Select one of four films and stick with it, until it is full. Take the time to let the photos (virtually) develop and get a notification, once you can look at them. With Panchromatic, you don't make your pictures look old with a filter, you get the whole experience of film on your iPhone!
@nerdytherapist very interesting approach ๐Ÿ™‡
I honestly don't get apps like this. It reminds me of a service that, early in the internet's life, offered to change these new-fanged web addresses back into numbers, to resemble phone numbers because that was a "format people are used to". Professional photographers have always shot like we all do on digital, giving little if any thought to the cost of film stock and development. I routinely shot 5 to 10 rolls of film when the Lomo movement happened, much like I now shoot on digital.
@andreasduess I think some people are more nostalgic than others, I just liked the idea to reminisce what photography used to be like. Not everybody could just shoot 5 to 10 rolls of film, especially in East Germany, where my family is from. I'm in no way one of those people saying "Everything was better back in the day" (in fact, the whole app is written in Swift 3.0 on the latest iOS 10 frameworks and technologies), I see this app more as providing an experience, kind of like an art project.
I like the idea! Let's wait 10 hours to develop the pictures :)