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#5 Product of the DayMay 20, 2014
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Hey @thatleeguy, love that you can install on your own server and that there's not monthly fees. How often do you envision releasing paid upgrades and at what price point will they be if I've already purchased the software? Instead of a stack of flapjacks, I'd love to see some product shots above the fold. Otherwise there's a lot of copy between that initial value prop and when I get a feel for the software. Also, you'd benefit from some copy editing on the site. Quick example:
Founder here! If you have any questions I'm happy to help.
Thanks Andy, we ~just~ moved to this version to give ourselves more head room for updates. There's loads of things we're looking to do in this version, we're not even thinking about the next version yet. Everything right of the decimal is included in your license and we release updates every 48 hours or so. The best part of that is Pancake auto-updates so when a new release comes out, you get all the new features and fixes automatically. When we do move to the next version it will be heavily discounted for existing users as I feel strongly about rewarding those who helped support you along the way. I toyed with the idea of throwing a screenshot up where the Pancakes are and decided that I should A/B test it, I just need to integrate the A/B testing now. Great catch on the copy, I'll rework that.
@ThatLeeGuy I love the idea of having invoicing software that doesn't "penalize" growth (either via new customers or new employees). However, I am not a big fan of having to host my own solutions... just one more thing I need to monitor! Any plans to offer this as a SaaS at any point? Once you know your customers LTV you could offer a monthly plan that is both competitive AND more profitable, I imagine.
Interesting price structure. There was recently an article about SASS pricing compared to yearly license pricing. I favor the yearly pricing. I'll try to get the link for the article if possible