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What does it mean for our world when every location has a local, unfiltered video feed that anyone can post to anonymously? Panama started out as a quick 10% time project for our Brooklyn-based team this summer, and is now a fully released platform that fascinates us. We think of Panama as a contextual social network that unlocks a new format for storytelling and documentation. It allows you to see videos people around you have posted, and anonymously contribute a video to join the living history of your current location. It is as much about capturing silly moments as it is documenting police brutality. Panama is short for 'panorama', and represents a collective view we all share and create. Special thanks to the beta users, the Mass Lab team and @eriktorenberg and @bentossell for posting us on PH.
Our pleasure @swerdlin - really cool app! Saw the TechCrunch article earlier:
Thank you Erik, Sam, and Bryan for your input. College campuses are a great use case for Panama. We've had groups of beta testers at universities that are some of our most active users. It's of course a great demographic for adoption too. Cohesive groups of young people in close proximity makes a ton of sense. We see Panama as broader reaching though. City neighborhoods and events are already been proving to be compelling collections of content that are delivering both utility and entertainment to users. Being Brooklyn based, much of our inspiration comes from vibrant city neighborhoods.
How are you going to avoid abuse problems seen on similar apps (e.g. Yik Yak), or will you leave it 100% unfiltered?
Hi Erik, thanks for the question. We consider Panama to be decentralized. It is true that behind the veil of anonymity people can do things they would not otherwise do, though this is an opportunity that allows people to express themselves authentically and be uninhibited in their storytelling and documentation. Down-voting can help ensure that illegal or mean-spirited content does not remain in a feed. Five net downvotes removes a post, and individuals can report content. We have internal policies in place to review reported content and either keep it in the feeds or remove it. What do you think people will use the anonymity for?
@swerdlin There's definitely a fine line between self expression and bad taste. Definitely don't want to be pushing away users with the latter. Flagging seems to be a good solution, as long as there are quick responses and things are being removed justly. Definitely interested in the app, checking it out later today.