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I’m an early investor in Pana, and they just came out with an exciting new competitor to Google Trips and TripIt. First-of-its-kind features include collaborative group itineraries, automatic flight check-in, and more. Excited to try out for travel this holiday season!
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Beautiful design. Suggestion, when tapping lodging or airline itinerary items, user's need to see information like the host name if airbnb, email, phone #, check-in/out time, airline phone # etc. Hope to see that added soon.
@davidcohen thanks so much for the kind words! We're excited to innovate in this category.
@apcommunicate Aaron, thanks, and we're huge fans of your product and design as well. Really like the suggestion, and that's something we're working on. We're building in functionality to match your travel receipts with our database of flights, hotel, and Airbnb data so that we can augment the information that you already know about your trip with new helpful content. Coming soon!
@devontivona That's really cool. A great example would be for Crosby to push me something like: I see you've just touched down at CDG airport in France. Would you like me to email your Airbnb host (Jean Pierre) to let them know?: yes | Ok, what time should we let them know you'll be there?: 14:00 | Perfect! We notified Jean Pierre. Enjoy your trip. | This is something I manually had to coordinate 5/6 times on my last trip and was my largest source of frustration.
@apcommunicate YES! Exactly. The vision is that Crosby is always looking one step ahead and optimizing the travel experience. (Get ready for a shameless plug.) While we're working on making our robots get smarter, you might want to check out Pana Concierge. It's our $49/mo human-powered personal travel assistant service, and we can do exactly what you're describing, plus a bunch more. You can start a trial from within the Pana app.
Hi everyone! Devon here, one of the founders at Pana. Thanks so much for checking out what we've built. Pana Free started as a side project, but looking at the existing itinerary apps out there—many of which were designed nearly a decade ago!—we saw an opportunity to modernize the experience and up the ante on what a 21st century traveler should expect from a free travel app. This is our first public release of Pana Free, but we’ll be continuing to iterate on it and make it better. We already have a bunch of exciting updates in the works (including calendar sync, first-in-kind recommendations, and more), but we’re also super receptive to feedback. We’d love to hear what the PH community wants out of a modern travel itinerary. We’ll be here all day answering questions, so let us know your thoughts. Thanks for being part of such a fantastic community that celebrates and helps improve good products.
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I have used TripIt Pro since there was TripIt Pro. If you're like me, you've noticed TripIt has hardly changed since the Concur acquisition years ago. Pana updates the entire experience and renders TripIt Pro (and the $60/year fee) obsolete. Get it.
As always beautiful design and execution. Bye byeee TripIt!
@fletchrichman Thanks Fletcher! I remember when we launched Pana 2.0, email sync was a big feature you wanted Pana to have. We're still checking off more of the boxes that you're hoping for in a travel product. (Keep an eye out for automatic travel receipt collection soon!)
@devontivona props to you guys for taking huge, complex features requests and creating products that are so simple and "just work." excited for automatic travel receipt collection!!!!! i know @_rsamuelson will love that too.
I've been using Pana for a little over 2 years now. Really great stuff. Thanks for all the hard work.
@noah_fleming I can't believe it has already been that long. You were one of our first users! Honored to help make your travel better.
@sfelsey I think it's been that long. It is fantastic. I tell everyone traveling they should be using it.