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The design work on this is beautiful. It looks like a great update. Updates include: Itineraries: Starting today, all of the details about your upcoming flights or hotel stays are accessible in a fast and beautiful timeline. Never search through your email for confirmation numbers or hotel addresses again. Trip Threads: Now, all your conversations can be grouped by your trips, so it's easy to keep track of the conversation and stay organized. and Offline Mode: Even when you're offline, it's important to have access to your travel details. That's why we've built offline mode into the entire Pana app. You can review conversations with your team and check your itinerary, all from FAA-friendly airplane mode.
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@_jacksmith Thanks, Jack. Our team has a pretty dialed-in focus on good design. Part of our core thesis is that the UX of the traveler's journey is in need of some love. :-)
Hey Product Hunt, thanks for the love, and thanks @_jacksmith for posting our 2.0. This community has been such a huge part of our journey building Pana, and we are so grateful of your support. For background, in our first couple weeks as a company our very first beta was posted here by @chrismessina. Within hours, we had hundreds of excited emails from all of you with words of encouragement, feedback, and feature suggestions. I know there are a lot of early-stage founders here who can understand how valuable this type of feedback is in the first couple months. Many of the features in our 2.0 were built directly based on conversations with this community. My team and I will be on here all day answering questions! I’ll start the conversation off with… what do you want to see in Pana 3.0?
@devontivona I'd love to see: 1) Specific recommendations for different deals on either activities, events, restaurants that are exclusive to Pana. I'm often not sure how to ask for these, so it would be better if they automatically were recommended to me. Now that it is threaded, I could see a view alongside each location that recommends these. 2) Easy ability to turn on an "expense button" that takes everything I buy during a trip and sends it to Expensify, etc. 3) The ability to get alerted when there are great deals to fly to different places that I haven't been. I've tried several solutions for this, the general concept is that once a year I'd love to go somewhere exotic at a cheap price and I don't care where it is. 4) Trip planning with friends/coworkers :). Ability to easily plan and pay for a group trip.
@fletchrichman I think #1 is huge. We're building a pretty massive database of curated content, and we want to start leveraging the power of that content beyond what we're doing today. I like the idea of viewing these inline in your thread when contextually relevant. Stay tuned for #2. ;-) For #3, have you checked out @gillianim's HitList? It would be really cool to get HitList recommendations in Pana. *Hint hint nudge nudge* #4 is hard. Group travel is such a beast, but we're certainly thinking about it. Q for you: would you prefer a group chat with both your Pana agent and your friends together, or would you want the Pana agent to have 1:1 conversations with each friend? I could see the earlier be useful in some situations, but I could also see it get super noisy if part of the conversation wasn't relevant to you.
@devontivona Just downloaded hitlist, cool!! // @gillianim I would want Pana to have 1:1 convos with each friend, and manage follow ups and nudge them for payments. My Pana agent could update me when they pay or give me a breakdown of people's preferences on flights, etc. I have grown to really hate group texts...
@fletchrichman Yeah, that's our thinking too. Group texts are typically AWFUL. A shared itinerary (and planning space), but separate chats is where we are trending.
@devontivona looks really cool. +1 to some sort of hitlist integration :)
Huge time saver for the busy traveler
@davidcohen Aww shucks, David. You're making us blush.
I truly love Pana. Such great help planning all my trips.
@lillerik We've loved helping you travel, Erik. You are quite the jet-setter!
Great service. Great team behind it. Changes the game for travel
@loganhale Thanks, Logan. Means a lot! 🙌