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I'm an early user (and investor) and find the assistant-as-app interface in Pana to be very helpful. I no longer have to navigate clunky travel websites. I just ask my Pana assistant.
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Hey friends, I'm a co-founder at Pana. We are thrilled to announce the 1.0 of our on-demand travel concierge. We're happy to answer any questions, and I'd love your feedback. PS, the first 300 people to use the unlock code WELOVEPH will skip the line.
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@devontivona so is Pana any different than Native? Wha brought about the branding change?
@chrismessina Hey Chris, great question. Pana is a rebrand of our Native beta project. Because a "native app" already describes a type of app (how it is coded), we were always competing for SEO against coding articles and developer tools. "Pana" means good friend or confidant in Latin American Spanish, and we liked how that could serve as a message about how we do customer service. With the rebrand, we have also added a bunch of suppliers for hotels and flights, so members will have access to exclusive pricing, perks, and rewards not available to the general public.
@devontivona oh, and we are now funded! Thrilled to have some amazing partners, including @nglaros, @gilpenchina, @bfeld, @jasonmendelson, @sether, @nickwyman, @kshillo, @galvanize, @marvinliao, @500startups, and many more.
@devontivona Hi Devon, I've been unsuccessfully trying to book a hotel for Sept 14-17th. in Positano Italy. Is there a premium I can pay to have someone help me?
The airplane sounds for notifications are a nice touch 😊✈️
i'm an early user and proud new investor (after they flawlessly helped me plan a ski trip to japan last year). team, product and service are top notch!
Added to my Travel Concierge Services collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@anuj...
@anujadhiya nice collection! you should remove Native (old name)
@fletchrichman Of course! Thanks for the reminder. Cheers!