Ghost theme for building personal websites & portfolios

Pamphlet is a ghost theme specially designed for building personal websites and portfolios.

Whether you are designer, programmer, entrepreneur, writer, engineer, photographer, scientist, musician or a painter, You can use pamphlet for showcasing your work, thoughts and ideas.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Congrats on launching @arp_ban can you tell us more of the story behind Pamphlet?
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Arpit Bansal
Full Stack Dev
Hi, I do a lot of side projects in my spare time and I have developed a habit of writing about all my work on the internet. So for a long time I wanted to build a website where I could write and document all my work in a beautiful manner. So, I started working on a theme with the sole purpose of serving individuals who want to write about their work or just want a personal blog. Whether you are a designer, a coder, an engineer, an entrepreneur, or an artist, you can use this theme to document all your life's work. I've used Ghost as the cms platform because it's really fast and has a beautiful interface built for writing and managing posts. I've tried to keep the theme as simple and minimal as possible. These days, a lot of designers create websites that are full of animations and special effects, they look good but sometimes they are very confusing to a person approaching them for the first time. So I've designed it such that a visitor is able to grasp the structure of the website at a single look.
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Alex SunnyAlex Sunny
very cool,a free ghost themes site