Fun way to create and share cute pet videos on mobile

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Hello Everyone! I am Jimi from Pamily. There are a lot of mobile video sharing platforms out there, but we feel there is a huge and deserving vertical that is currently being neglected, PETS. Pets are wonderful companions, and my pets are my family. With all the technology improving/changing our lives, VR, AR, robots, bots; the everyday simple caring of our pets still makes many of our lives a little bit better. Technology should make celebrating our love for our pets easier, richer and connect other likeminded pet owners/lovers together. Pamily is a place for pets, of pets, by pets. All feedback appreciated 🙌🏻
I love the idea and the choice of the color of the app. Would love to try this out with my cats and see how they react to it.
@criss_cheng thanks for the reply, through the development of Pamily, I've found myself noticing the subtle behaviours of my cats more and more. I think there are a lot of things they do everyday I've taken for granted before.