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Hello everyone! Just to note that Palm Note is a hybrid app made with Cordova + Ionic. If you are interested you can take a look at the source code here:
@kpourdeilami I am impressed by the way you have written your codes. Smart and aligned.
@misbahspeaks Thanks :) It helps a lot to debug it afterwards.
@kpourdeilami Yeah, It helps other people also to collaborate in a better way.
I know whenever I take a quick note, I usually use Evernote. But Evernote is kinda slow to load, I have to find the correct Notebook. But if I need to write a phone number down super fast it doesn't work too well. Palm note is super fast and super easy! I still use both, but each app now has its own purpose. Evernote for long notes, Palmnote for things I need written down quick!