Palette Gear

Build your own tactile controller for your computer

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#4 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2015



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Calvin Chu
Calvin ChuMaker@cchurun · CEO, Palette
Hey, Product Hunters! Thank you so much to @derienzo777 for hunting our product. Palette is a system of magnetically connected sliders, dials, and buttons that offer photographers and other creatives a faster, more intuitive, and precise editing experience. Users can fully customize the layout, function, and even colour of each module to their liking. We believe editing wasn't meant to be done with generic one-size-fits-all keyboard and mouse interfaces, nor with touch screens that force users to look down and away from their work. Instead, Palette's physical controls allow users to engage directly with their projects and improve their workflow. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign and just shipped out to about 1,000 customers last month. We're now accepting pre-orders for our second batch. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to shoot! It's going to be a busy day but I'll do my best to hang around and get back to everyone. Thanks for the support! Calvin & The Palette Team
Pete@peet818 · Community / Social Media Manager
@cchurun Now that Palette Gear is available... I think it would be a great fit for Massdrop. It's a place where communities can buy the product in bulk, to receive a slight discount. Check it out, Cheers!
Chris Scott
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
This. Looks. Incredible. Would have killed for something like this when I was still photographing weddings. So many hours in LR and PS after each wedding. Added to my Hunts for Pro Photographers collection.
Calvin Chu
Calvin ChuMaker@cchurun · CEO, Palette
@chrisgscott Thanks for the support, Chris! If you ever get back into photographing weddings, we're here for you!
Chris Scott
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
@cchurun thanks! You should approach some of the big post processing companies in the wedding photo industry about selling a bunch of these in bulk to their editors. ShootDotEdit, Lavalu, and the like. Could make their processes hella fast and be a great bulk sale for you guys. Let me know if you want an intro to anyone, were pretty tight with the team at ShootDotEdit.
Alex Kinsella
Alex Kinsella@alexkinsella · Digital Marketing Manager, Communitech
I've been lucky enough to try this out - it's everything you think it'd be...and more!
Ben De Rienzo
Ben De RienzoHunter@derienzo777 · Art Director, Bamboo Creative
Control panels that were once confined to post-production colorists and studio musicians can now be custom-assembled to fit your workflow as a creative.
Daryna Kulya
Daryna KulyaHiring@darynakulya · Co-Founder @ OpenPhone | Product Hunt TO
Saw Palette demo live at Product Hunt TO last month and it received a lot of "wows" and "ahs". @cchurun - What inspired creation of Palette? What's your own Palette setup like?
Calvin Chu
Calvin ChuMaker@cchurun · CEO, Palette
@darynakulya Thanks, the last Product Hunt TO event was a blast! As for the creation of Palette, I've always been pretty interested in human-computer interaction. A friend had a soundboard stolen at a party so for my fourth-year mechatronics project, I started working on something trying to replace it when I realized that these types of inputs are universal controls. After all, so many other things use buttons, dials, and sliders, so why couldn't there exist a controller that could be used for DJing AND more? I mostly edit my travelling photos, so I prefer the Expert Kit with a few extra dials, laid out in two profiles: one for sorting, and the second for developing. I've got a third profile in keyboard mode for Spotify so I can easily control my music while I'm editing. :)