Discover fresh new color palettes based on emerging artists.

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Palette is just a quick experiment we launched along the way. As all digital designers, we are always looking for new color inspiration — and what better place to start than looking at new art we really like? So we just wanted to share this curated nifty little tool with all of you, hoping it brings you the color inspiration you need. ✌️

Florian Monfort
J.D. Hassler
Philipp Hieslmair
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  • Mark Denton
    Mark DentonPresident at Content & Context

    Interesting spin on the palette generator concept. Easy to use.


    Look forward to seeing more artworks included in the future.

    My first thought was "oh boy, another palette generator," but this is actually pretty cool. Seeing the colors in the context of the original artwork is inspiring, and it gives you a good idea of the kind of tone you can create with the colors. Nice job.

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