Palestine Tech Jobs

Hire your next remote software developer from Palestine

Palestine Tech Jobs is a jobs board for high-skilled Palestinian tech workers. Our aim is to connect startups around the world with the best talent working remotely from the Palestinian territories.
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Hi everyone! Here's why I started Palestine Tech Jobs: In a previous life I worked as a journalist in Israel and the West Bank, but after a few years I eventually decided that my future was in tech. But I never really forgot my experiences in the Middle East, and continued to follow political events in Israel-Palestine . Then one day I read a news piece saying that Palestinian universities produce thousands of Computer Science and Software Engineering graduates a year but only a tiny percentage actually find jobs in their chosen field. Palestine Tech Jobs plans to provide part of the solution to this specific problem. We believe there is an amazing opportunity for companies to tap into a hidden pool of tech talent which exists in Palestine. We hope that through tech and remote work we can make a real difference in one of the world's most troubled regions, and also provide opportunity for people during this difficult time while we fight the Corona virus! 💪 Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Hi Everyone, I'm Malak, head of business development and marketing at Palestine tech Jobs. So happy to share with you that just after 2 hours of launching Palestine Tech Jobs, I've got messages from companies saying they started receiving resumes! This is amazing, and want to say thank you for so many friends who believe in us and showing their support every day :)