Continue playing an album from the last track you heard

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A desktop app that allows you to continue playing on Spotify an album/playlist from the last track you heard.
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António Ramadas
António RamadasMaker@antonio_ramadas
I listen to Spotify while I work and often switch through multiple playlists before ending them. When I wanted to resume playing a playlist, I had to memorise the last track I heard. I noticed I repeated the process multiple times and decided to create an app to do this for me. The best thing is: I'm not the only one who is looking for this kind of feature! The project is open source if you want to check its source code. I'm l​ooking forward to getting some thoughts about the app. So, what is your opinion about Palbum?
Varnolen John
Varnolen John@varnolen_john
Wow! Amazing!