Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome is a powerful extension for Chrome browser that incorporates the most comprehensive security features to protect you from hackers by protecting you from online threats such as malicious emails, password theft, malware, and ransomware and more.

  • Pros: 

    Helps you not get hacked and makes passwords easier to use!


    Hacker's won't like you anymore

    Paladin Cyber is a company built for securing the average small business against hackers across the world. Paladin Cyber does this by building top-notch security into a one-click install chrome extension.

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  • Alyona Medelyan
    Alyona MedelyanCEO of Thematic

    Password management and secure protection all in one



    We've used Paladin for over a month now and found it really useful.

    Alyona Medelyan has used this product for one month.
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Christopher Ayan
Christopher AyanMaker@christopherayan · Head of Marketing
Hey Product Hunt! Chris from Paladin here. We are really excited to launch our latest Chrome Extension and excited to get feedback from users like you. Paladin was founded as a Cyber Protection company for SMBs. One of the products that we began building was a cyber protection tool suite for employers to give to their employees. The tool would help mitigate the risk of being hacked. We also provided remediation services, that was all backstopped by a cyber insurance policy. Our chrome extension was built with NSA level encryption and security measures, and we realized that we couldn’t just let this chrome extension hide behind a wall only for small businesses. Once we had tested our chrome extension extensively, we decided to take our mission of making cyber protection easy for the little guy, and extend it to consumers by offering our Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome to the general consumer, free of charge. As consumers and internet users we are often at risk of being hacked, even when we don’t necessarily realize it. Add to that the fact that most available tools out there are really only band-aids, incomplete, or act as medicine, we realized it was important to build a vaccine. Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome provides protection against the top 5 consumer vulnerabilities: Weak passwords Unsecured Public WiFi Phishing emails and websites Unsafe content XSS attacks Here’s a breakdown of the features and how they work: - Password management -65% of people use a single password among all applications, so when one login is breached, they all will be. Setup a single sign-on password with our password manager and generate strong passwords for all of your logins. - Phishing protection - 91% of successful hacking attempts start with phishing emails. With Paladin’s Browser Protection Chrome Extension we protect your inbox (compatible with Gmail and Outlook365) by calling out malicious attempts so you don't get hacked. - Unsecured WiFi protection - 68% of public and unsecured wifi users fall victim to an attack. We encrypt all your data before it goes to the router, then route it back through our servers, leaving you clear of any danger. - Website and content filtering - 99% of known threats are blocked by our filter. The filter prevents you from accessing all phishing websites along with other unsafe sites - Cross-site scripting protection - 50% of websites are affected by XSS vulnerability. A script attack allows a hacker to transfer malicious code right through a normally visited website. We stop them dead in their tracks and report back to Paladin and the authorities to take them down. Explore the chrome extension, test it out, and let us know what you think. I’m here to answer your questions. We love Product Hunt. Unfortunately, we don’t have a promo code for you to use in the extension since it’s free. But reach out to me ( and use the password: ProductHunt30Web and we’ll be sure to send some swag your way.
Angel Botto
Angel Botto@vozconciente
really awesome!! 👌🏻