No-code friendly workspace for your automated emails

β˜„οΈ Automate emails from your app to your users easily. βœ‰οΈ Create sequences of emails using our templates. πŸ“• Use some of our pre-written emails to get started quickly.
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Hi hunters! ✨ I want to share a product I’ve been working on for some weeks. I started building Palabra to make automating emails from an app to a user much easier. Our goal is to help you email your users based on how they interact with your app using the data available on your platforms (Segment, Stripe, Airtable, Zapier, Webflow, etc). Cool stuff you can do today: - β˜„οΈ Trigger an email based on a user action (e.g. when they sign up / when they search for a product). - ☝️ Schedule sequences of emails when a user does something. - ✨ Pick a template to get started. Pre-made sequences of emails for typical workflows like welcoming a user. - πŸ“š Use our pre-written emails. 50+ emails to pick from for things like asking users for feedback or inviting them to an event. - πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Fully customizable email content, subject and "From" fields. - πŸ”— Connect to more than 10+ apps to trigger emails based on user actions.
This is the simplest and quickest way to set up automated emails. In 30 seconds I was able to set up an automated email for our website visitors who used our contact form. I normally would have used Zapier which would have taken several more steps and I would have had to draft the email from scratch. Really love Palabra and excited to see where it goes next!
Looks promising! Good luck with the launch :)
Congrats on launch @karen_serfaty1! Would love to know what are your future plans with Palabra. This seems like a beachhead into something bigger :)
@mlejva thanks Vasek! Yes, our big goal is to build a marketing tool for the next 10 years. Email mktg tools today are isolated from the rest of the apps you use. Sending segmented messages takes a lot of manual work. We want to use the data you already have to help you send better messages to your users. And we also want to build a tool that does more for the user (with templates, pre-written emails and smart suggestions). Our next step is to help users combine multiple user’s events to send a message to a specific group more easily (e.g. to let them email users who signed up but didn’t login this week).
This is brilliant! I used the forms you launched. It worked seamlessly!