Pakka Pets

A fun, adorable, Tamagotchi-like pet adventure.

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JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Consider marketing your product to parents as a tool for their kids to show responsibility for getting a real pet.. get the kids to play the game to prove it they are responsible while they have fun! (if the parents don't really want to get a pet this is a great way to get the kids off their back about it for a while ;)) Best regards to your success! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
Thomas Uster
Thomas UsterMaker@thomasuster · Founder, Proto Games
@jay_bee12345 Hey! Great idea actually! I'll keep my eye out for channels that I think that message will resonate for.
Richard Kain
Richard Kain@richardkain · Messing around on software projects
Congratulations Thomas and Willem. Pakka is a delightful and ambitious take on the Tamagotchi genre. It is launching with a very impressive library of graphics for a two man team, and the crafting mini-game is particularly well done. Looking forward to future developments as are my three daughters under 11...
Thomas Uster
Thomas UsterMaker@thomasuster · Founder, Proto Games
@richardkain Thank you!
Paul Lee
Paul LeeHunter@paul_hq · - Sporting goods junkie, CEO
Having incredible flashbacks to when I was a kid and seemingly everyone in school was carrying a Tamagotchi around and making sure their digital pet was being taken care of. Pakka Pets expands on the concept in some creative, weird, and often funny ways, including Pokemon-like evolutions and pet food alchemy. Great concept and execution!
Thomas Uster
Thomas UsterMaker@thomasuster · Founder, Proto Games
@paul_hq Awesome! Thanks Paul!