Pair & Compare: Find the best fonts and font-pairings for your next project easily and smoothly.

Try all Google fonts (and more) on your text without the hassle, but with a click.

Pair fonts easily. Compare fonts and font pairings on one page quickly.

Control a lot of settings: background color, text width, font size, line height, etc.

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What do I think of this product? Simple, handy, saves time. For me presentation is the key. It saves the hassle of changing the font design, memorizing each change and then comparing the change through imagination. I am enthused to try this product. @ammar_cel the concept is much appreciated.
@gurpreetkaur01 Thank you The main purpose of creating Pair & Compare is what you just described. Hope it will help you in your projects
Hello Product Hunt 👋🏼 After a lot of work, I am thrilled to launch Pair & Compare on Product Hunt. Why? (The Problem) ⚠️ Pair & Compare came from a need I experienced during web development and design. Whenever I wanted to choose a great-looking font (or font-pair) for my website or my blog, I would start a tedious process of searching for a font (especially from Google Fonts), then editing my code, and then seeing the results in the browser, and repeating that. This is bearable, but the problem get worse when I want to compare different fonts (or font-pairings) on the same page, so I can see which one is better. From these needs, comes.. Pair & Compare (The Solution) 💡 Pair & Compare is a web application that lets you find the best fonts and font-pairings for your next project easily and smoothly. It is a font playground. Features 📝 Try all Google Fonts (800+ fonts) on your text: without downloading or installing any of them without copying and pasting font names, without adding and editing HTML link tags, without switching windows or refreshing browsers; without the hassle. But with just a click. 💻 Not just Google fonts. You can also add and use fonts from your device. 🌗 Pair fonts easily and quickly. 👀 Compare many fonts (or font pairings) on the same page. 🎛 Control a lot of settings: font size, color, background color, text width, line height, etc, fast and smoothly. 🍿 Explore fonts in the easiest way with Font Show feature. 🖊 Change any text you want. Apply changes to all other texts with a click. 🛠 Get CSS code of your chosen setting. 🔖 Bookmark fonts while experimenting to decide later between them. 🎯 Clean interface (hide the sidebar for a cleaner one). 💸 It is Free. 🌍 All languages are supported.
Thank you @chrismessina for hunting Pair & Compare
I am ready to answer your questions on Pair & Compare and to hear your opinion about it ⚡️⚡️
Nice product. Simple and straightforward, pretty easy to use, intuitive. It is an improvement over comparing the fonts in Google fonts; now I can compare fonts and colors on different backgrounds. Good work and keep it up!
This is super helpful! I can definitely see this being used in the space and I too, have gone through the process of going to Google Fonts, copying/pasting link into my HTML only to find out it did't suit well. Great thinking Ammar!
@mustafa_hoda Thank you Mustafa Great to hear that you found it helpful. It seems that we shared the same problem 🙂. It would be appreciated if you shared or reviewed it here also.
@ammar_cel You got it man! 👍
@ammar_cel I'll share this with our web-designer that maybe doing this a lot in the near future 😆
@mustafa_hoda Thank you so much 😀
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