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Hi, I'm the lead Product Manager at PainScale! This product was designed to help people better manage their chronic pain. Our goal is to improve patients ability to communicate their pain with their physicians by actively tracking and managing their symptoms. The main feature we highlight is Pain Logging as this enables the patient to take an active role in seeing what is improving or worsening their condition. We tried to help make pain logging fun by including both personal and community insights based on how users (and users like you) are managing their condition. Then we filled it with hundreds of great articles, wellness videos and meditations to help our users discover new treatment options they might not have known about. We are excited to be featured on Product Hunt and would love to hear any questions or comments that you might have. All feedback is welcome as we work to improve PainScale and help fight Chronic Pain! Thanks! -Tyler
@tylerhadams this is a really cool product! People working in tech will find it useful, since 1 in 3 people have back issues which are mostly chronic because of sitting the entire day.
@shashwatpradhan thanks for your feedback, we agree!
@tylerhadams Keen in trying this; my recent dx of rheumatoid arthritis has meant dealing with multiple points of joint pain at times manageable other times extreme. 🙌