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Hi everyone, and thanks @adithya for posting Painnt. So, where are we headed? Prisma, Picsart, and all the other neural style apps out there are really 'casual' photo apps, aiming at virality through social networks. Our app is more geared toward serious, Pro photo editing users, and as such we provide: - lots of tweaking options and setting for post processing within the app - unlimited resolution / aspect ratio. This is thanks that our tech is completely offline - it runs as quickly and as higher resolution as your device support. You download the effects to your device, not upload files to some backend. This is also privacy friendly. - multiplatform versions (iOS, Android, but also desktop versions for Mac and Windows 10). Pro users can use the desktop versions which are really much more powerful and comfortable to use than a phone. Also, subscription not only let us keep updating the app but also we maintain and give access to a GPU backend: - a GPU backend where (subscribing) users can train their custom styles. Unlike other apps that apply a style to a single photo, we actually train your custom style so that it can be applied locally in your device, providing the same advantages as our styles (unlimited HD, and so on). (This is serious processing, taking a few hours of beefy Nvidia 1080 / Titans per each effect.) - Batch processing (for any number of photos or videos) (subscribe only, Mac) - Video processing (subscribe only, Mac) - You get the usual hiding of watermark, no ads, unlock premium effects, and so on. thanks for reading! ps. bug reports are welcome :) ps2. We can provide promo codes for PH users if they want to try the full access, let me know at rcorin at!
With the huge success of Prisma in the last year - where are apps like PicsArt and Painnt heading? The 'free' but amazing quality of artworks by Prisma was the reason behind its success. However, Painnt requires a Weekly / Monthly / Yearly subscription to download your 'artworks' in FullHD and to remove watermarks. Great collection of artworks though. EDIT: The app is also available for Mac and Windows and not just on Android and iOS.
@adithya thanks for hunting us down! :)
Painnt seems much more impressive than Prisma. I will surely use it and review it @ricardocorin and would like to review it
@nosherwanarbab sure! shoot me an email at rcorin @ we can provide a promo code to unlock all the stuff :D
I Love this product but I'm pretty frustrated that a piece of software claims to aim itself in a more serious direction still has more features on the mobile version than the windows version which I use. I want to create custom filters and left feedback only to discover its available on android but not my PC? I paid for the year and I get less use than mobile users. Seems like the PC version of the software also suffers from a lot more bugs. I constantly have to close and re-open the app to get it to update content or my work in progress won't refresh with changes I make. I don't even bother with the in app adjustments beyond resolution because I can do the rest in photoshop. I love the hi res nature of this and am trying to incorporate it into a creative process but us desktop users need some love here
Seems to be a great product, I like running this on animations with the batch processing feature, however currently this seems to get exponentially slower the longer you let it run. And I think a large part of it has to do with updating the preview UI with each additional image. It would be really great if you added some features that optimized processing tens of thousands of images which is my current workflow.