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Ricardo Corin
@ricardocorin · CEO Moonlighting Apps LLc
Hi everyone, and thanks @adithya for posting Painnt. So, where are we headed? Prisma, Picsart, and all the other neural style apps out there are really 'casual' photo apps, aiming at virality through social networks. Our app is more geared toward serious, Pro photo editing users, and as such we provide: - lots of tweaking options and setting for post proc… See more
Adithya Shreshti
@adithya · Founder of Startuposphere
With the huge success of Prisma in the last year - where are apps like PicsArt and Painnt heading? The 'free' but amazing quality of artworks by Prisma was the reason behind its success. However, Painnt requires a Weekly / Monthly / Yearly subscription to download your 'artworks' in FullHD and to remove watermarks. Great collection of artworks though. EDIT… See more
Nosherwan Arbab
@thenosh · PhD Scholar, Tech Contributor,
Painnt seems much more impressive than Prisma. I will surely use it and review it @ricardocorin and would like to review it