Automated tax savings for independent contractors

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I'm glad this got hunted! This should come with a cheesy announcer saying "From the makers of Coffitivity." Serious though I interned for @acecallwood, @jkauszler, and @mateofrancesco last summer while Painless 1099 was still in RVA. As an uber Driver, I was drawn to this idea because 1099's really are a pain. After the summer, I can say this team really wants to make taxes for freelancers, contractors, and self employed workers as painless as possible. πŸ‘
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I think this product is pretty good.
So great to see Painless1099 and the team Featured on @ProductHunt! I've followed their progress since their start in RVA and it has been inspiring to see them evolve as a team and evolve their product. They have a funny new explainer video too:
It's been awesome to work with this team as they've prepared to open the doors. Making this part of consulting/self-employment better addresses a major pain point!
Great product from a talented team. Nice work guys!