Painless Reviews

Performance reviews can really suck. Or, they can suck less

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Anne's management advice is always to-the-point and actionable. If you're a new manager or are looking to step up to management don't miss the opportunity to learn from her. This is a great starter topic since noone enjoys performance reviews.
@aexm thanks for posting this, Ana! If anyone has questions, I'd love to answer them. Painless Reviews is a suite of products for emerging managers, focused on the actions you need to take to manage people's performance at work. . A free checklist of the actions you need to take, week in and week out, to be ready for a better review the next time around. . Two brief PDF user guides for managers, "Don't Dread the Performance Review," and "Effective 1:1 Meetings." They're fast reads, just the facts, and each includes a solid, practical reading list. (Each guide also includes live links to online resources that you can download, customize, and make your own.) . A weekly email service: I'll send you weekly emails in 2017, brief weekly nudges to keep you on track with the actions on the checklist, so that you can set yourself up for a better 2017. Thanks for checking it out! P.S. I think that a quick video I made is too big to upload to PH, but it's linked above as one of the websites on the "Get It" button, and I'm going to post it here:
@AnneLibby is my guru on this stuff. I like to think I'm pretty good at performance reviews after many years of doing them, but Anne has ways of thinking about reviews that always make them better. And doing reviews is the absolute WORST part of being a manager.
@amyvernon Amy thanks so much for stopping by to comment. My plan is for anyone who uses these services to find their way through to the end of review time, and think, "Wow...that wasn't bad at all. I did it. And so did my team members."
I wish I'd had someone like Anne to coach me when I was starting out (although I'm not sure I'd have had the good sense to listen to her — oh, if I could go back and talk to young me!). But I have her now, and her wisdom is invaluable to me. You, of course, have good sense already and should jump on this immediately. This lady's services are top-tier, and this is a great opportunity to get some for yourself. One of my favorite things about Anne is her ability to strip away the nonsense and never ever varnish anything. "Performance reviews can really suck. Or they can suck less." That's Anne :-)
@mspseudolus Thanks so much, Kirsten. And lol, Emerging Manager Me and Future Me would have had quite a debate about these resources. I think that EM Me would have maintained a skeptical attitude, but tried it. (And actually one of the unspoken features of the "user guides" -- which I used to have posted on Gumroad -- is that if you buy them, follow the suggestions, and things don't work out for you, I'll make a donation to a project in your neck of the woods equal to what you paid me. I've never had anyone come back to claim that guarantee.) And the pithy tagline, well I can't claim authorship -- that's the fine touch of @aexm.
Very cool. I'm a big checklist fan so this is right up my alley.
@harryraymond Aww, thank you Harry! If you have any questions about the checklist, or reviews -- which will come up for you sometime soon as Drinkeasy grows -- give me a yell here, or I'm pretty easy to find online. Thank you so much.
Ooh this is exactly the kind of tool I'd recommend to my recently graduated business students who find themselves needing to give -- and receive-- feedback in work environments that haven't learned how to do this well I especially like the prompts for regular, frequent feedback. These simultaneously lower the emotional stakes AND make feedback more useful in everyday work.
@cvharquail thank you so much for checking this out! I'm trying to figure out if I can add push notifications, that would be pretty great.