Helping entrepreneurs to have problems — worth solving

Painland it the first community of lean entrepreneurs who focus on problems instead of ideas. It's where new world issues and inefficiencies can be discovered, and the background information needed to kick-off a new business can be collected.
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Hi everyone, This idea started from personal necessity. I'm the CEO of a design and engineering studio in Italy, here we have the technical and design skills to build everything we have in mind, but we're missing the right, spreading, business problem to solve. Some of the pain points you'll find in the database come from my notes. Enjoy :)
@adsidera1 thank you Anna!
Hi @_matteo_mosca_ ! Really loved the idea and branding of Painland, would love to cover it on my Instagram page and on my Podcast - StartUps101. Please let me know! Really looking forward to your reply!
@porush_puri Hi Porush sure, send me an email :)
Very useful idea. I’m personally exhausted of the entrepreneurial focus on building solutions looking for a problem, and I’m continually looking for like-minded partners to work towards addressing some of the real problems that people deal with. Thanks!
Great product, definitely marketing to the right audience too :)
@thomasmalone hey Thom, thank you :)
looks cool! Was trying to signup but I was not able too (tried signup first, nothing happened so then I tried to login but it says wrong password...but there is not way to reset it)
@michele_patrassi Hi Michele, thank you! I've sent you an email to solve the problem
@_matteo_mosca_ I have the same issue
this remind me of dead project but i love this kind of project.