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#4 Product of the DayMay 26, 2018

You don't have to be a celebrity or influencer to make money from social media ads.With paid review,you can earn money simply by listing products and services your already using to friends and family on social media by simply taking a picture of that item,commenting about it,recommending it and attaching a link we give you for your audience.

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@gilbertmpanga12 i really got confused by the UI and what i was doing
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@jamie_ross thanks for pointing that out . We were quickly iterating to test the idea and forgot to guide the user . But here's how PaidReview works. Users sign up via using there social media (facebook), User select one category of product they have used and loved e.g consumer electronics, the app takes them to the next page where they can list products under that category. The app notifies the user the products have been successfully sent to the brand responsible and in turn they get back a PR-code link which they can embed in there posts, messages on social media so that they can share that same experience they had using it. Users are paid per click on the PR code link. Otherwise for the brand, it just lists products which on the app, each product is assigned a PR code which they send to the user. I hope that clears everything.
@gilbertmpanga12 its too complicated, you have user data sitting there gathering dust if they only like iphones, so i think you need to narrow the niche down.
@jamie_ross Thanks Jamie for pointing that out. The categories seem to be many and I have narrowed them down to just 9 chunks.

being social, and spending wisely,you will be alright.


the more contacts you have the better.


if you do not review anything,it will not work.

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I am really confused when I was setting it up.


Seems like a really good idea


UX is really bad and its a bit confusing what to do.

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I'm glad you liked the idea ,really working hard fixing the UI/UX and getting aboard more brands on board :)
Are we here discussing something like affiliate programs? Because you're asking to share the "PR codes" in SNS and get paid on commissions after they buy, right?!
@traveler Hi , I wouldn't want to call it that even though it just looks like it. Here you review whatever you bought at your own free will and earn from it and its using your own friends and family on your favorite social media app ,so you have lots of people to share with your experience.
Its great..billion dollar idea..can't wait to get started