Expert code-review-as-a-service

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Hey everyone, I've been building this product out for the last four weeks. I know there's a need for this service, I just need to find potential customers and make sure the web site looks appealing to them. I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have!
Thanks for jumping in, @derwiki! I'm not a programmer but love this concept. It reminds me of the professional editing services @natekontny has built into Draft ( What type of people are using it now and how are they using the product? P.S. ironically, @leemunroe posted a similar/complementary product, ( earlier today:
@rrhoover I started using Draft yesterday :) Professional editing on demand is nice, but having a writing equivalent of Pull Requests is the killer feature for me. Currently, the use case has been reviewing code written by contractors. But my sample size is still small looks neat, but also closer to my friend's than matchmaking software experts. Definitely an overlapping set of interested users though, I would suspect.
@derwiki - yup! Perhaps you guys should partner. :) How did you decide on pricing?
$50/hr is more than a lot of good programmers think they're worth and is completely reasonable compared to what expert consultants pay. I still haven't decided if all review costs the same, or if different experts can set different rates.