An API for invoicing

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Thanks everyone for checking out Paid! Really excited about the response. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!
@ryanwj Hi Ryan, i sent an email about partnership. thanks
Added to my API collection: Also added to my Free Invoicing Tools collection since they have a free plan:
Simple API that makes it easy for your company to seamlessly manage your accounts receivable. This is from a YC company that has pivoted.
Here's what I want: make it easy for my clients to send an ACH transfer to me after I send them invoices. Here's what works well right now - when my client uses ZenPayroll, they add me as a contractor and take my ACH bank details. Then when I send an invoice, they simply use ZenPayroll to send the money. Is it possible that I could get a client to mimic this same thing without using ZenPayroll. PS - US Banking sucks.
@mbesto Definitely our goal as well! We make it easy for your customers to have the necessary details for ACH (and Wire) transfers. We have a few ideas of how to make it better, but we'd love to hear yours too!
@ryanwj cool, feel free to shoot me an email - def interested. my username at
Do you guys handle recurring payments?
@tarareed_ We do. We have subscriptions for recurring, same amounts. Or you can send us transactions regularly you want us to track.