Turn your Facebook page into a website.

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I think this is a great idea for some SMBs, obviously the ones who have already decided to invest in actively managing their Facebook page and are seeing an ROI for this effort. In such cases, a traditional website is still a 'checklist' level necessity, but often a lower priority for the business that is doing well on Facebook too. I tested out the import wizard and it behaved very smoothly. That said there's still some complexity to customizing and configuring, lots to learn and potentially scare away the more timid folks. Also, for these services in general, custom domains can be the biggest challenge - especially an SMB that may have an outdated/neglected site at an existing domain and now needs to figure out how to switch over to a hosted builder like this. I think that PageVamp could benefit from courting the kinds of design soloists and boutique shops that typically consult with SMBs and may already be managing a website in parallel with social media for a business. Such designers/developers may like the efficiencies of having a service that syncs the redundant business and social content between a website and Facebook like this. Best wishes.
Create and update website from your facebook page. Pretty useful for small business owners.
Awesome idea - see this being incredibly useful for emerging markets as well as US.
Perfect idea and a great option for SME who often can't afford a separate line in their budget for a website.
Very clever. How do you plan to grow your user base? Will you run fb ads targeting fb admins + SMB owners?