PageSpeed Ninja is an all-in-one WordPress performance plugin helping you to fix WP page speed issues easily with one click to get as close to 100/100 as possible. PageSpeed Ninja includes numerous advanced optimization features like above-the-fold critical CSS generation, fixing render blocking assets, browser & server-side caching and much more.

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@ugurkaner This plugin is a game changer. Most page cache plugins have barely increased the Google pagespeed scores of my Wordpress sites. Great job on this product.
@ugurkaner @francisco_ramos Thanks, great to hear! It's still early days and many things to improve, but it seems to be working rather well for lots of sites.
Hi everyone, We’re excited to share PageSpeed Ninja with the community! We first started working on PageSpeed Ninja over two years ago – we got frustrated at how difficult it was to fix the pagespeed issues of our WordPress sites. We wanted to do something about it and see if we could create a product that could benefit lots of WordPress users. So far we’ve seen an overwhelming response from early closed beta testers and we’re now ready to share the product with a wider audience. Difference between PageSpeed Ninja and other caching and performance plugins: 1. PageSpeed Ninja offers a complete package of different optimization techniques including unique and advanced functionality like our above-the-fold-critical-CSS generation method. 2. Extremely simple & straightforward to use, yet offers full control over all settings. Get an estimate of your website speed improvement potential using our analysis tool at We’re working on making the plugin even better, so please do send us your feedback. We'd love to hear your thoughts! You can reach us directly at Sincerely, The PageSpeed Ninja team
How does this works? Do we need to install this plugin into our wp site? or it suggests fixes?
@evivz Yes, you install the plugin and you'll see the suggested fixes that you can then toggle.
What is the price for this plugin?
@w3code Free as in beer. At the moment we focus on providing value, and have no set monetization plans. We're gathering feedback on how well the product works and what could be potential advanced Pro features that more serious users might consider valuable enough paying for. We'd love to know if you have any ideas/thoughts on that 🙂
@miikka_k Great, thanks! 🙂
Be careful. It's definitely in beta. Broke my entire site (showed encoding in browser). Still got an upvote for me. I'm more than happy to share what happens with you guys, so you can make the plugin better.
@daypurview hey Josh, thanks a lot for the understanding! We've got a Facebook group here, would love to hear from your experience and see how we can fix -
@ugurkaner I'm not on Facebook :(
@daypurview just sent you an email, thanks again Josh!
@ugurkaner PageSpeed Ninja is confirmed working if I navigate to the Advanced tab and change the Preset to Safe :)
@daypurview Yeah me too. But not a big issue reverting from backup.