Pager Team

Get system outage notifications the instant they occur

Pager Team is a robust, zero-config on-call rotation management system that will let you know when outages occur. It respects shift swaps between two members & won't reschedule leaving you scrambling to get coverage. Works with your existing monitoring system.
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Hi everyone! I've been around for years lurking but today marks my first time launching on ProductHunt. Thanks for having me, and thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt! First, who is Pager Team for? It's for anyone who is responsible for the uptime of a product or system. Whether you're a solo founder running your own SaaS or on a team at a large company, if you need to know when something breaks, Pager Team is for you. I built Pager Team out of frustration with existing on-call rotation tools. I wanted to distill the complexity and solve the core problem, which is fundamentally about getting a person involved when a system outage occurs. Whether you're a solo founder or part of a large team, when something goes haywire and customers are affected, you need to know immediately so you can start working on a solution. (In case someone doesn't already know, an on-call rotation is often used to wake someone up in the middle of the night for mission critical system outages, not minor stuff that can wait until the next day. Think "the site won't let anyone log in" vs "customers can't change their profile photo".) I built Pager Team so that someone gets notified, no matter what. I want to avoid getting into a lot of complex escalation policies -- basically how to get in touch with someone and who else to try --- because that's how you get into trouble with existing on-call tools. I've seen situations where the primary on-call forgets to add their phone number, and when something breaks at 3am, the system can only email them repeatedly. Pager Team asks for an email and phone number for every user, and only lets them join a rotation once both have been verified. If you're not a solo founder (or if you are but you hire someone :tada:) existing products make it really hard to add new members to an on-call rotation without shuffling the order or throwing off someone's vacation plans. Pager Team handles this stuff too, by committing a schedule for the immediate future and making promises it won't change. Pager Team works with your existing metrics infrastructure. Whether you're using DataDog, Splunk, AppDynamics, Circonus, or something else, all you have to do is set up an alarm to trigger the Pager Team webhook for your rotation, and Pager Team will get to work straight away. It's just after midnight and I'm on Pacific Time so I'm going to sign off for a bit and take an 8-hour power nap, but I'd love for you all to give it a whirl and let me know what you think! If Pager Team is useful to you, here's 50% off your first month after the 14 day free trial: -Michal
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I've used both PagerDuty and VictorOps, and the rotation-management aspect of each is far less edit-friendly than Pager Team.


Locks down on-call so that team changes don't screw with the schedule.



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Wow! Amazing!