Take advantage of the largest content aggregate in the world with purpose-built alerts to stay up-to-date on the things you care about.
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Pager allows you to create custom alerts for content submitted to Reddit. Reddit is the largest media and content aggregate in the world - use that constant data stream to create custom alerts based on the topics you care most about. You can create monitors to match post titles or post flairs, match usernames or submitted domains, query the number of upvotes or comments, as well as the position on the subreddit. Define the frequency of the alerts, set a custom Reddit application to allow you to open new links in your favorite 3rd party app. With a limit of 10 monitors per user, you can follow real-time news updates for your favorite teams, hobbies, politics, or just local news. Once you create the perfect monitor, you can share it with your friends with the provided custom URL.
I like the ui and branding 👍
@inshard_naizer Thank you so much. I'm far from a UI or Brand designer, but I'm really proud of the work.
I've been on the beta since I learned about it a few months back; beautiful and very well thought out, IMO.
@tweetatmax I can't tell you how happy I am you've found Pager useful. And a big thank you for helping with the beta - I received so much feedback from you all, at least half of the implementations are a direct result of feedback received.
Sad there is no Android or Desktop client.
@macher Android is coming soon! I just had to start somewhere and iOS is what I use every day so it made sense to start there. Once I have a beta group for Android, I'll post it to the subreddit - so keep an eye out!
@macher @joshuat Looking forward to it.
This is also a great way to keep up with our product's reputation on Reddit. Great work!
@ryanherga In the future I plan to release a paid version of Pager for brands, allowing you to monitor multiple subreddits from a single monitor with a web portal for easier team management.