Track bugs on websites with virtual stickies

Thanks for the hunt @robjama. It's great to be listed on Product Hunt. I'm Derrick, the founder of PageProofer. If you do web design or development you know the pain of issue tracking and feedback: email, spreadsheets, annotated PDFs. It all sucks. After 15+ years of web development I got tired of all the ways people sent feedback about changes, issues and bugs. So I built PageProofer to make feedback and issue tracking a lot easier. Imagine seeing an issue on a website and being able to put a sticky note on it. That's how PageProofer works. It gets added to your website via a little javascript snippet. Any users can quickly add notes and comments about things that need to get fixed right on the website. Each note captures important information about the browser, device and OS which makes fixing issues a lot easier. It works across all modern browsers and devices, from desktop right down to phones. I would love to have you check out PageProofer and let me know what you think.
This is very similar to BugHerd but with a much nicer interface. I might have to switch over!
@jordsta Thank you. Would love to have you try it out and let me know what you think.