Fully encrypted cloud review and approval system

PageProof is a review and approval platform allowing teams to collaborate and suggest changes to artwork, documents, video, audio, websites, URLs, 3D content for AR/VR via SketchFab. Reviewers use their red pen to add feedback directly onto the work and press a green button when they are done.

Hi all - I'm Marcus Radich, one of the co-founders of Thanks to @skprasad for the add - much appreciated! PageProof was created to provide a fully encrypted tool to gather feedback from others on your work. PageProof gives a common interface no matter the document type - so whether it is a design concept as a PDF, or a contract written in Word or even a presentation Powerpoint file, you can drag/drop it into PageProof and send it out to collaborators to provide feedback. You don't need any plug-ins or extensions - just a modern browser. Any information going to/from PageProof is first encrypted before it starts its journey - we love https, but this goes to another level. Once you have an account created, sending out work for feedback and approval is quicker and easier than using email (especially using our workflow feature). I'm sure you'll learn more from our website and blog - enough from me - I'm happy to answer any questions!