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With PageMarker, annotate your bookmarks, organize them in folders and tags and setup your personal newsletter to revisit your bookmarks. You can also filter your bookmark by Link type and full text search is available to premium users :)
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Hi @charles_eugene_loubao ! I discovered your product on HackerNews and I realized that it might be what I was looking for. This is my use case: I receive some newsletter with links to articles, so I open the one that interest me in tabs, then archive the email (I want to acheive inbox-zero). I end up with many tabs on chrome for hours or days, until I schedule a "reading" time for those articles. This hurts to me. I was looking for a tool where I can keep this articles, tried bookmarking, Raindrop, Pocket etc.. but all of them were missing something. What I love of PageMarker is that it has both tags _and_ folder and that there is the concept of read/unread. What I would like to see is a chrome extension to quickly add current page to PageMarker (maybe allowing some default tags/folders?) but I know you're already working on that. I tweeted about that ( I'd like to try the Premium Features if possible 😊
Hi @thomas_schultz_wenk , The chrome extension is currently under review for the Chrome Store. As soon as it is approved I will notify all the users. If you create your account today you will get an email when the chrome extension is ready.
@leonardo_rossi2 @thomas_schultz_wenk @ethanframe the chrome extension is now available :) Its not the prettiest chrome extension out there but it works! I will work on making it look better I promise!
Congrats on the launch! Such a clean product!
How do you see yourself differently than other similar products, such as @
Hi @hgottfried, features like Folders, tags, search are available in many apps out there. One of the main differences is that PageMarker fixes the "bookmark black hole" problem. When talking to customers I realized that I wasn't the only one who saves things for later but never come back. Most bookmark apps are for saving things you will never see again. My mission with PageMarker is to help people actually come back to the things they save for later. It's done by setting up an recurring email newsletter that contains the links you haven't read yet. When reading it is sometimes necessary to take notes and write comments for ourselves. To solve this issue you have to either have a separate note taking app for your notes but keeping it synced with bookmarks can be a pain. Other apps have extensions to "highlight" but these end up cluttering the webpage in my opinion. With PageMarker your notes are not embeded in the webpage, they are isolated from the page to avoid any disturbance. The web browser extension will allow users to add bookmark links, add notes and see those notes as they read. PageMarker is the total package for saving links, organizing them, saving important information and be reminded to come back to your bookmarks.
So how is it better than VSpace ? Who is the target audience?
Hi @farenn , PageMarker is targeted toward personal bookmarking. My understanding of VSpace is that it's a collaboration tool. Another differentiator is the newsletter feature. With the newsletter you get your Bookmarks sent to your inbox so you never forget about them With PageMarker you can also keep track of what you have read/unread with a simple click. With other apps you either have to have a separate tag or move things in folders. In addition to folders and tags you can filter by link types such as articles, videos, audio and for premium users Full-Text search. One last thing, the notes in PageMarker can be formated with Markdown I hope this helps :)
@charles_eugene_loubao Even though raindrop has this kind of features, good luck anyway!
@farenn Raindrop does not have notes built-in or email reminders. Thank you for checking PageMarker out :)
Congratulations @charles_eugene_loubao for this awesome released :)