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Hello guys! Thank you for the support. We've been working on this for the last 18 months and I'm super excited to make it public. Who is Platform 5 for? Since the beginning we wanted to create something that professional web creators could love, not one of those clunky feeling wysiwyg interfaces. We made the real time editing and drag and drop tools with this in mind. They won't get in your way and your clients and people using your sites will love them. With Platform 5 you can also... - Add extensions with one click that give you things like sliders, components, layouts, etc. - Edit content and images with point and click. See changes in real time. - Customize your layouts with drag and drop in the sidebar. This gives you flexibility but doesn't get in your way or feel clunky. - Customize your site via one of the 5 editing "engines" in the system (that plugins use in various ways) I hope Platform 5 will be one your main tools for building websites.. Also, please note that this is just the initial version and we plan on adding a ton of new tools to it over the coming weeks and months. It's free so please try and and let us know what you think.
For me this is just a 5th iteration of glorified wordpress theme, where the founders seems to look for any excuse to make another video, that looks like apple commercial. It is not even theme, it is a "platform" so you probably have to build a theme on the top of that. While I believe it has to have some genuine usage cases, browsing showcase shows little innovation to previous versions, most final websites looks similar, some outdated and most of them - very slow to load, but I guess they can blame that on users/hosting. I love how the authors are boasting on the webpage, they are adding extensions every month, or even every week. Yet there is less then 40 extensions in total, and on the first glance I do not see anything "revolutionary", in fact not even uncommon. Good premium wordpress theme have most of extension functions build-in, sometimes even more. I fail to see any reason to further slow down wordpress with yet another system, where visual composer works well, it is more then popular simply covers more ground, because most of the elements are fully configurable and you have broad options to further extend with VC plugins. Keep in mind they are building this product from 2012, so I would expect hundreds of extensions, tons of design options and very unique final products. Let's look at the example, just compere their "innovative" extension "gram" with premium wordpress plugin "instashow". On the other hand, PageLines is prime example of marketing done right. Looking at all those slow, poorly self-made websites showcased as an example, I just have to wonder, how does the average website made with pagelines looks like. I am sure authors will jump here to defend themselves, but only thing I would accept as an argument is promised professionaly looking/working website.
I have been using Pagelines for 2+ years and it is the best framework that i had used. Especially extensions, drag drop and grid system is amazing. And now realtime design... I hope Platform 5 will be new era for WP quick design needs. Good job Andrew.
@huseyinerkmen26 Thanks for sticking with us!
Looks great!
This looks amazing, can't wait to play around with this!