Pagekit 1.0

A modular and lightweight open source CMS



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Florian Letsch — Web Developer
Florian here, one of the developers behind Pagekit.

We have had a busy beta phase and are incredibly happy about today's 1.0 release. The team is celebrating, but will be available for any questions.

If you haven't seen, we are also releasing several free themes alongside the 1.0 version. The live demo links are halfway down in the release post:

Cheers! 🎉
Glenn de Boer — Co-Founder of
@florianletsch Hi Florian, I really like Pagekit! This is just the CMS companies need right know. Defenitly because Wordpress is getting more complicated lately. Also the way it is designed is great!
Derek Bytheway — Web Developer
Very nice! My site actually runs on Pagekit already.
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