A modern CMS to create and share.

I like the look of this, but it wasn't immediately clear to me what it is. It turns out it's a self-hosted framework for blogs/websites but from the marketing site it seemed almost like a paid-for hosting solution. It was a bit confusing, but I think I'll give this a shot. I'm looking for a new CMS for my blog and many of them suck.
@ow Totally agree with you. It's a bit confusing and I'm curious why they make you sign up to download, when one could just go to their GitHub, but it looks beautiful, simple, and clean.
@ow You should also try Ghost. I'm currently using it for
@nhbschr I used Ghost since it launched but I've been disappointed by the lack of progress on any real features. The team really has failed to ship/meet deadlines on anything it promised. Perhaps one day, but at the moment it's too barebones.
@ow Spot on with missing deadlines, but the simplicity is what drew me toward it. I did integrate GoSquared, though, as they lack an analytics dashboard.
@ow took me a minute to figure out what this was also. I'm also looking for a new CMS for a couple of sites I'm working on. One is an e-commerce site so I'm leaning towards using a Squarespace Developer account to create a custom theme there since they have the whole shopping cart / ordering flow down now. Was going to try Shopify but it's just too pricey for the size of the business. For the other site (more portfolio / blog based) I am considering Webhook (it's actually on Product Hunt a couple of lines below PageKit). I've played around with the alpha version and if you're looking for a strong, customizable CMS without any of the coding hassles, it might work for you.