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I think it's pretty sneaky that after you enter a URL you have an email capture with a "Get Report" button...Assuming this is a way to get people's emails because they will think they need to enter it before getting their results. Turns out you can click "Get Report" WITHOUT entering your email address and get the results. Would be cool to show some site examples on the homepage too... Facebook: X/10 Twitter: Y/10 Product Hunt: Z/10 So you can see what it's about :)
@bentossell : Exactly. I was about say about the "Get Report" button.
@bentossell ha yeah, we were trying to be sneaky, but without being annoying - hopefully we found the right balance? The product is free; we want it to be valuable, and we are passionate about improving user experience. We would love the opportunity to stay in touch and get feedback on future ideas, which is why we ask for email addresses! We actually did initially have a plan for a leaderboard, but ran out of time (we built most of this within a day) - so have parked that, along with other more sophisticated gauges for the future...
@bentossell I figured that out too...only because I suck at reading directions on a screen lol! And agree, would be very beneficial to see how your page stacks up against the bigger ones as a reference guide.
@adammarx13 @bentossell so I guess that means we gave people an easy enough out? If you *had* to submit your email before seeing the results, would you?
@_pulkitagrawal @bentossell honestly, probably not. i was only poking fun a bit, but i actually like that you're not required to submit your email to view the results. it encourages me to use it again, and i could certainly see myself utilizing it after putting up a new feature.
Thanks Eric for sharing PageGauge! Hi friends, We built this because we are passionate about UX and wanted to start helping people reconsider their site's usability, in a programmatic manner. While there seem to be tools to test site performance, we didn't find many that focussed on UX and design. Of course great design is subjective, but there is such an overwhelming amount of UX guidance out there, and we wanted to distil some of it into an accessible and simple tool. We drew many of our insights from this great resource: In fact, because this is an open-source project, I'm happy to share our background research into usability (Google Doc for now, but will convert to a better format soon): We also built this because we wanted to learn how to run a remote hackathon. We are a distributed team and are learning how to be effective and retain as many of the benefits of being co-located as possible. We did it over the course of the day with 5 people, and have written up our learnings and advice for other teams trying the same thing here: We intend on improving this over time and hopefully with help from others, so please do share your suggestions or ideas!
How does it stand out from those million similar sites out there? :)
@philipsajeesh hey sajeesh, to be honest, from our initial basic research (we spent ~1 hour on it, as part of a pretty tight timeline to get this built within a day) we didn't come across much that was well designed, free and tackling the same problem. We liked but this is focussed on speed / performance. Could you share some other similar sites for the benefit of the community?
@philipsajeesh Which other ones would you recommend? I've not seen that many which are this easy to use
Love that you've made this available for local running, however it doesnt seem to work. I followed the Github instructions and when I run npm install it errors out. 23666 error Failed at the gulp@3.9.0 prepublish script 'marked-man --name gulp docs/ > gulp.1'. Who should I reach out too for help?
Hi @haichenw! I'm happy to help get you up and running. Please create a github issue and we'll get you sorted!